Motorcycle Accident Takes Life of Payson Woman

Payson, Utah resident Karen Baker, 53 years old, died in a motorcycle accident while riding with her husband in California on January 1, 2010. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Ms. Baker was passenger on the motorcycle, which was being driven by her husband, just west of Lucerne Valley on Highway 18, when a car slowed in front of them to make a left-hand turn. Six other motorcycles in front of them, also slowed.

According to reports, her husband didn’t see the lead car and trailing motorcycles slowing down and veered off the road to avoid impacting them. He subsequently lost control of their 2008 Harley Davidson, causing the two of them to be thrown from the motorcycle. Although Karen Baker had a helmet on, it came off during the impact and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Her husband, Colton Baker, luckily suffered only minor injuries. She is survived by her husband, her parents, four children and five grandchildren.

My condolences go out to Karen’s husband and her family following this tragic motorcycle accident. It sounded like the two were out for a nice new year’s day drive when this happened. If there is anything to be learned from this crash, it would include the importance of always scanning the road in front of you and looking for hazards or changing traffic patterns and making sure when you ride, that your motorcycle helmet is securely fastened.

In this case, and based on the news account, it would appear that the parents and children of Karen Baker would be able to make a claim on the insurance policy taken out on the motorcycle. There also may be a possible claim against the car that initially slowed, if the driver of that car did so overly-abrubtly.

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