Motorcycle Accident in Big Cottonwood Canyon Takes Man’s Life

James E. Malbon, 30 of Murray, Utah, is dead after his bullet bike-type motorcycle crashed in Big Cottonwood Canyon near the Solitude Resort on Saturday, May 8, 2010. According to the Deseret News, it appeared that the motorcycle rider may have been going too fast to take a curve and fell more than 60 feet off a steep drop. No witnesses saw the crash, but a police officer which was working near the resort heard the motorcycle coming up the canyon and then what sounded like a crash. He went to investigate and found Mr. Malbon.

My condolences go out to Mr. Malbon’s family for this tragic loss.

It is unknown if Mr. Malbon was wearing a helmet at the time of this motorcycle accident. Regardless, a fall of 60 feet, even with a helmet, may have nonetheless ended with the same result. Motorcycle riders, please obey the speed limits and practice defensive driving!

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