Man Attacked by Two Pit Bulls in Salt Lake City Dog Bite Accident

Two pit bulls attacked a man in South Salt Lake City on Friday August 21, 2009. This Utah dog bite marks the second attack involving pit bulls in the last two days and the fourth of the summer.

“The guy said he was outside and the dog attacked him,” said gas station owner Ahmed Nazir. According to the police and KSL news, the put bulls approached the man outside a gas station at 3900 South and Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the dogs got close the man got scared and started kicking one of the dogs. The dog fought back and bit the man in the face and arm. The dogs were picked up three blocks from the scene of the dog bite.


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The fact that the pit bulls can turn violent so quickly is alarming many Utah residents. Many city councils, including Orem, are considering regulations against pit bulls. Springville, Utah has had regulations against the breed for several years. The call for regulation against pit bulls is equaled by an outcry from the Humane Society of Utah who says it is unfair to simply target pit bulls. They claim that if they dog owner does his or her job, the dogs will not become aggressive.

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