Layton Car Accident Leaves Man in Critical Condition

A car accident in Layton, Utah, has left a man in critical condition following a head-on collision on March 24, 2011. According to KSL News, a 43 year-old woman reportedly crossed the center line into opposing traffic and struck a 40-year old Syracuse man. It is not presently known why this driver did this. The victim was flown by helicopter to a local hospital unconscious and in critical condition. It turns out that 10 minutes before this serious crash, that a concerned motorist called 911 to report an erratically-driving motorist. The motorist turned out to be the woman who caused this serious automobile accident. The driver who was driving recklessly was treated for minor injuries and released. It is unknown if the police have arrested her at this point.


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I send my best wishes to the injured victim for as best a recovery as possible. It sounds like he received a brain injury from this crash, given his unconsciousness. It is likely that he will suffer the effects of this brain injury for many years to come.

I would recommend that the family of the victim contact a Layton personal injury attorney to find out what remedies he has available to him from the insurance company of the reckless driver as well as his own under-insured carrier.

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