Idaho Mother and Father Push to Ban Texting and Driving

After their daughter, Taylor Sauer, was involved in a fatal wreck that took her life, Clay and Shana Sauer pushed to help pass a new bill to ban texting while driving as a state law in Idaho. As reported by KSL News, Clay and Shana want to make sure that no one forgets the last words of their daughter.

Back when their daughter passed away, she had left a final post on Facebook stating, “I can’t discuss this matter now. Driving and Facebooking is not safe. ha ha.” Just minutes after that post from her phone, Sauer drove into the back of a slow moving semi-truck on I-84 in Idaho. After she hit the truck, another semi-truck smashed into the back of her car. In another blog, I suggested that the semi-truck driver bears some responsibility in this tragic accident happening. I still feel that way, but have to agree that hitting the back of a truck going 15 mph while going 80 could very likely have tragic consequences, especially in the case of a vehicle under-ride.

Sauer was said to have been posting messages almost every minute during her travel home. Her parents recently appeared before the legislature on Idaho recommending a push towards this new cell phone law. Taylor’s father Clay said, “Part of this law is it might not make changes right now,” he said. “But for the younger generations it will be an educational tool, just like the seat belts. We all fought the seat belts, but now all kids wear their seat belts, everybody wears a seat belt. The kids will be trained and learn from a young age they can’t text and drive.”

This new bill passed the Idaho Senate and will now be voted on in the House on Tuesday or Wednesday. Currently in Idaho, drivers cannot be pulled over because of texting while driving unless another law is broken at the same time. So far thirty-five states, Utah included, ban texting while driving.

I think it’s about time that Idaho created a law that expressly banned texting while driving. I think it’s just as crucial as the law that bans drinking and driving.

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