How the Kramer Law Group is Responding to the Coronavirus Epidemic

By now, most people on this earth have heard about the frightening spread of a virus that had its start thousands of miles away in Wuhan, China. The virus, known as Coronavirus (COVID-19), has infected and killed thousands. Daily life has been interrupted here in Utah where most schools are now closed and where large gatherings have been discouraged. As this virus continues to spread, I want to share with you what we are doing to keep you and our staff safe as we continue to work hard for you in your personal injury or accident case.

Training Room

First, this past weekend, we have sanitized most all surfaces in our building, including tables and all door handles and bathroom fixtures that you might come in contact with. (Even pens yo might sign with!) And we will continue to sanitize them on a daily basis. Hand sanitizer will be readily available in the office to use as needed.

Second, we have implemented social distancing of six feet that has been  recommended by the CDC. Along these lines, a number of our staff are working from home to help minimize the number of staff in our office. With the move to our new building at the beginning of the year, keeping six feet apart is a lot easier as we have the space to implement the recommended social distancing and have set up a special meeting area in our training room where we can maintain a greater than 8 foot distance from those we meet with. (Face masks will be provided upon request as an extra safety measure.) For the time being, traditional handshakes will be discontinued. Staff will also be monitored on a daily basis to make sure everyone working remains healthy.

8132 S Redwood Rd, West Jordan, Utah 84088

Third, our new building is equipped with fresh air circulation and can continually cycle fresh air through the building. The fans on all seven of our heating and air conditioning units are now set permanently to the “ON” position to run continually around the clock to cycle fresh air into the work and meeting space. This will help ensure that stale air is quickly removed to avoid the potential buildup of unhealthy germs.

Fourth, we will provide free Uber rides upon request so you can travel to meet with us at our office. (You may wish to wear a mask on your ride there and back to minimize the potential spread of germs.)

Fifth, if you are not comfortable coming to our office, no problem. We are using virtual meeting technology to avoid the need for you to come to our office or have one of our intake specialists visit you. By temporarily implementing visits by Skype, Facetime and/or by phone for those who have new accident cases, we can further reduce person-to-person contact. We are happy to remotely conference with you to discuss your personal injury matter. We also have the technology to send you documents, such as a Retainer Agreement, via email or text so you can sign up electronically with us without the hassle or safety concern of coming to our office or printing, signing, scanning, and sending us documents.

Finally, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help you in your personal injury matter and appreciate the trust you put in our abilities. We also want you to trust that we will do everything we can on our end to safeguard you and your family’s health as you interact with us during these trying times.

All the best,

Ron Kramer