Gary Coleman’s Lawyer Settles Utah Auto Accident Case

A settlement has been reached between former California governor candidate, Gary Coleman, and Utah pedestrian accident victim, Colt Rushton, the man who accused Coleman and his wife of trying to run him over with a car in Payson, Utah. Rushton filed the lawsuit in September of 2008 following an altercation he had with Coleman outside a Payson, Utah bowling alley. Rushton claims that Coleman’s wife, Shannon Price, grabbed his cell phone after he tried to take a picture of Coleman leaving the bowling alley, on September 6, 2008.

Rushton, from Spanish Fork, Utah, claims that after he attempted to take pictures of Coleman, Coleman became agitated and demanded $20 to take his picture. Coleman’s wife took the cell phone away when the man when he tried to take another picture. Rushton’s attorney said, “As he was talking the photograph, Mr. Coleman’s wife, Shannon Price, attacked him from behind, clawed him, tore up his arm and took the cell phone.”

Rushton also claims that Coleman purposely ran him over with his truck and that’s when police responded to the scene. Coleman’s attorney disputes the allegations. According to KSL news, the two sides were able to reach a settlement agreement, details of which were not disclosed.

I am glad that this case finally resolved. I know Colt Rushton’s attorney personally and know that he would not have resolved the case unless he got fair value for it in light of the facts of the case and his client’s injuries. I wish all the parties all the best as they get back to their lives.

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