Fatal Utah Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise

The Utah Highway Patrol announced today, August 13, 2009, an alarming increase in the number of Utah motorcycle accidents. According to the UHP, there have been 21 fatal motorcycle accidents in Utah since May of this year. And 5 of those have occurred in the past 2 weeks. The UHP says that several of these deadly Utah motorcycle crashes involved riders who were not wearing a helmet.

In 2008, there were 35 Utah motorcycle deaths reported. The year before in 2007, there were 34 motorcycle fatalities. It seems that motorcycle deaths have risen sharply given the recent increase in Utah motorcycle deaths. If this recent trend were averaged for the year, this would amount to 84 motorcycle deaths in Utah. Of course, there are many more riders on Utah’s roads in the warmer months than when there is snow and ice on the road.

Partially to blame for the increased amount of deaths is the dramatic increase in the sales of motorcycles and scooters in Utah. According to some reports, sales have increased by 300% over a year ago. There are many parking lot vendors selling scooters to whoever will pay $795 or above for their motorized, two-wheeled transportation. No safety class is required for anyone purchasing one of these. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of inexperienced scooter and/or motorcycle riders on Utah’s roads.

I therefore applaud the UHP for their efforts in getting the word out of the dangers of riding a motorcycle and/or scooter and that motorcycle and scooter riders need to take safety courses to protect themselves as they travel down Utah’s roads. Utah motorcycle dealers are also getting involved, with Salt Lake Harley Davidson publicizing a motorcycle safety course that they offer.

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