Fatal Accident in Sandy Claims the Life of Two Men

Early Sunday morning. February 26, 2012, two men, Mark Summerhays, 22 years old and Mike Derby, 36 years old, were involved in an accident that turned out to be fatal near 8000 south in Sandy, Utah. Police explained to KSL News that there was no other explanation for the cause of the accident than excessive speeds. The crash instantly took the life of these two men who were residents of Midvale City, Utah. Sgt. Jon Arnold, who witnessed the men speeding, was pursuing the vehicle when the crash happened. He did not see the vehicle again until he was at the scene of the accident. He saw that the MazdaSpeed 6 had wrecked into a tree and was engulfed in flames and severely damaged. According to Sgt. Arnold, the men were traveling approximately 60 plus miles per hour on a turn where the posted speed limit was only 30 miles per hour.

I offer my sincere condolences to the families of these men for their loss.

In this case as well as many others, excessive speeds in vehicles are the cause of too many accidents. As we have seen, speed can cause serious injures, and as in this case, can kill.

As a Utah wrongful death attorney, I would point out that the family of both of these men should qualify to receive funeral and survivor benefits of at least $4,500. Additionally, the family of the passenger in the car, also has a wrongful death claim against the insurance company that insured the Mazda. That victim’s own car insurance, if applicable, would also carry an “under-insured” component that would provide additional benefits. The time limit for making these claims is no more than two years from the date of this accident.

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