Drunk Driver Injures 3 Provo Women

Police have identified Clay Chipman as the driver who drove while intoxicated on March 3, 2011, and injured 3 women in Provo, Utah. According to KSL News, Chipman was driving north on 550 West in Provo around 9 p.m. when for some reason he swerved into the southbound lanes of traffic and struck another vehicle carrying three women head-on. Two other vehicles then became involved in this collision. Chipman failed a sobriety test and was arrested and booked into the Utah County Jail for DUI and other assorted charges, no doubt traffic related. The women were taken by ambulance to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.

I send my best wishes to these women as they recover from what sounds like very serious injuries. I hope they all have a full and quick recovery.

In situations involving injuries caused by a drunk driver, the victims will almost always have a claim against the drunk that caused the injuries. Based on the story, I don’t see it being any different here. Given the severity of injuries and the possibility of limited insurance coverage, I would recommend the women or their families contact an experienced Provo accident attorney to find out what kind of remedies they may have available to them. In terms of insurance, I would expect that each of them could additionally make a claim on their own insurance company for “under insured” coverage if they have such a policy or live in a household that has it.

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