Draper Motorcycle Accident Sends Two Men to Hospital

A motorist who makes a left-hand turn has a duty to yield to oncoming motorists. It’s the law. According to KSL News, this law was broken on March 24, 2010, when a vehicle traveling through the intersection of 123rd South and Minute Man Drive failed to yield the right-of-way to two motorcyclists and struck them as they were traveling through the intersection. Both men are said to have injuries to their backs and lower legs and were taken to the hospital. Police are deciding whether the woman will get a ticket or not.


Video Courtesy of KSL.com.

First of all, best wishes to these two men as they recover from this totally preventable motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, too many motorists fail to yield when they make a left-hand turn. Since the failure to yield is a violation of Utah law, I am not sure why the woman would not get a ticket for causing the Draper motorcycle accident to happen. I happen to have likewise been a victim of a driver who failed to yield when making her left turn at this very intersection.

The motorcyclists should keep in mind that most motorcycle policies don’t have the regular PIP, or Personal Injury Protection benefits that drivers of cars do. So unless they purchased additional med pay coverage for their bikes, there may be no money on their policy to pay for medical bills. Typically, this med-pay component will pay up to $3,000. Hopefully both men have health insurance that will cover these medical expenses. Of course, a claim can and should be made against the at-fault driver in this case for the amount of medical bills, time off of work, any permanent impairment, etc. If the woman did not have enough in insurance coverage, then the men could look to their own policy for “under-insured” coverage.

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