Critical Injuries Occur in a Semi-trailer Rollover

A man and a woman were critically injured when they attempted to dodge debris on I-80 on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. KSL News reported that two individuals were eastbound in a semi, a woman, who was driving at the time, and a man, who was the passenger. The semi-trailer in front of them lost a load of logs on the highway.

The woman in attempt to dodge the logs began to swerve, lost control of the vehicle, and crossed the median into the westbound lanes. After approaching the north side of the west lanes, the semi rolled over. Both of the people in the semi received critical injuries and were transported to the University of Utah Hospital. Four other vehicles were reported to have hit the logs as well, but no injuries were received. The driver of the first semi that lost his load was not aware of the accident when he was questioned.

I offer my best wishes for a quick recovery for those with injuries.

Accidents such as this can easily be avoided if just a little more precautionary protocol would be implemented. It would have taken the driver of the log truck only a small amount of time to check the load to make sure it was securely and safely fastened. Based on what I read in the story, it sounds as if the driver of the log truck as well as the place where the logs were loaded, shares responsibility for these logs falling off the truck and causing this accident. I would recommend that those injured consult with an experience Utah personal injury lawyer to find out what remedies might be available to them.

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