Crash Statistics Rank Duchesne and Salt Lake Counties as Having Worst Drivers

In a 2010 study in nine categories, Duchesne County drivers were ranked worst in Utah. KSL News reported that the Utah Highway Safety Office calculated a study which included nine “vehicle miles traveled” (VMT) categories. They included: overall crashes per VMT, fatal crashes per VMT, drunk driving crashes per VMT, speed-related crashes per VMT, motorcycle crashes per VMT, the percentage of unrestrained crash occupants, crashes involving teenage drivers, auto-pedestrian crashes and crashes between bicyclists and motor vehicles. It was concluded that out of nine categories, Duchesne County drivers exceeded the state average in the first six categories. Salt Lake County did not do too well either–they were ranked second in the state of Utah.

I definitely have noticed a trend of impatience and careless driving in the state of Utah. I have expressed several time how important it is to drive carefully. Too many drivers have become much too comfortable with their driving that they often forget the basics. As residents in the state of Utah, we really need to pay much more attention to “basic driving 101.” Don’t text, limit cellular phone calls, change radio stations at a stop light, etc. I feel that electronics have become so commonplace in driving that many individuals become distracted. Please focus on driving while operating your vehicle. Be observant. Pay attention to vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects that may cross your path. If these simple factors are instilled in our minds when out on the roads, so many accidents, injuries, and in some sad cases death could be avoided. Help make our roads safe.

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