Constuction and Traffic Hazards Continue in Utah County

The Utah Department of Transportation announced several closures along the I-15 in Utah County that will be an inconvenience to commuters beginning today, Monday, April 23, 2012. KSL News reports that UDOT is going to dive into multiple projects that will close several on and off ramps in Orem, Utah throughout the next few months. The Orem projects will be the first of many long-term closures.

Starting on Monday, half of the intersection at 1600 North will be closed for approximately 30 days which will include the northbound on-ramp to I-15 and the southbound off-ramp from I-15. This will be the first of two phases on that intersection.

Second will be the entire interchange at 800 North, which will remain under construction for a projected 42 days. Following this, UDOT will then close the entire Orem Center Street interchange for 30 days. Upon completion of the Center Street construction, they will be moving back to 1600 North for the second phase of the project, where they expect to close down the entire interchange for 15 days. We are told that these projects will be completed by August.

UDOT says they want to warn commuters to pay close attention to construction as it may impact the flow of traffic dramatically. The good news is that the University Parkway interchange will remain open as construction there will end in May.

These Utah county construction zones can pose great threats for Utah drivers. Believe me, I drive through this area daily during the work week. We all need to pay close attention to construction warning signs, look for other vehicles around us and drive with caution. Speed limits through these construction areas continues to be 55 miles per hour.

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