Car vs Pedestrian Accident is Not Google’s Fault

Lauren Rosenberg’s personal injury lawsuit against Google was dismissed by Third District Judge Deno Himonas last month according to The Salt Lake Tribune. The case stemmed from an incident where Ms. Rosenberg used Google Maps to find a walking route in Park City between two addresses, but the road she was directed down had no sidewalks, resulting in her being hit by a car. She suffered multiple fractures and a concussion from the accident. This suit was originally filed in US District Court but was dismissed because it was “determined to be in the wrong jurisdiction.”

I’m very glad that Ms. Rosenberg is doing well after the accident. I’m also glad that this case was dismissed. Google is protected by the First Amendment and should not have been named in this case, just as Judge Himonas stated in his ruling. The lawsuit should have been solely against the driver of the vehicle that hit Ms. Rosenberg.

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