Car Collides With a TRAX Train in Salt Lake City, Utah

An accident between a TRAX train and a car caused only minor injuries in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah Friday, April 06, 2012. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, three men in their 20’s were traveling parallel with the train on westbound South Temple. The male driver made an attempt to turn left when they approached the Radisson Hotel on 215 W. South Temple when the vehicle crashed into the front of the train. The driver of the vehicle was the only individual to report minor injuries, but refused treatment. The driver was cited at the scene of the accident for performing an illegal left turn.

I am relieved to hear that this was not a serious accident. This is reported to be the 12th accident involving a vehicle and a TRAX train so far this year. It is really unfortunate that so many are occurring. I can’t explain enough on how important it is for drivers to remain fully aware of their surroundings and focused on driving. I think that many accidents could be avoided if drivers would me more attentive to things happening around them.

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