Boy Injured in Hit-and-Run Auto Accident

A seven-year-old boy remained in critical but stable condition after he was hit in a hit-and-run crash near Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. This Salt Lake City accident happened on June 21, 2010 on 500 East at 1035 South. According to a report given by the Salt Lake Tribune, the boy was riding his bicycle closely behind his mother at around 6 p.m. in a crosswalk on 500 East when a vehicle hit him head-on and then fled the scene. The vehicle is described as a black pickup truck with a shell, or possible a black SUV.

Police have not made any arrests and have few leads. If you have any information, please call the Salt Lake police department at 801-799-3000.

What a sad situation and I hope for the very best for this young boy. I wish him a quick recovery. I also hope they are able to find the party responsible to hold he/she accountable.

Why Do Drivers Hit and Run?

Drivers decide to hit-and-run for several reasons. In my experience, there are a few main causes. First, they may be driving impaired and if they were forced to take a field sobriety test they would test positive at the accident scene. Unfortunately, in Utah the law is somewhat backwards. The penalty for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is more harsh than the penalty for drivers who flee the scene then turn themselves in the next day when they are sober. Statistics show that 39% of hit-and-run accidents involve an impaired driver. The second reason drivers may hit-and-run is some type of licensing issue. They may be a unlicensed driver, have an uninsured vehicle, or be an illegal immigrant. Finally, a hit-and-run driver might be scared that they will be held accountable for their driving tactics, i.e aggressive driving, street racing, road rage.

In this case the driver was clearly at fault, having hit the young boy in the middle of the crosswalk. Any number of the aforementioned reasons may have contributed to the driver’s decision to flee the scene. I only hope they are able to find the guilty party so the young boy’s family will not be left with the thousands of dollars of medical bills that will come as a result of this accident.

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