Box Elder Car Accident Takes Man’s Life

While traveling Northbound on I-15 near Box Elder, 59 year old Arthur Baca (Clearfield), was involved in a fatal car accident. After his tire blew out, KSL News reports, he lost control of the vehicle which ended in a violent collision with the median after first rolling over the hood. The driver was not the only person in the vehicle. Helena Baca, 58, was taken to the hospital with back injuries; her condition is still unknown.

I offer my condolences to the family and friends of both Arthur and Helena, with hopes of a fast and full recovery for Helena.

When a tire blows out like this, there are lots of questions as to how this might have happened. Did the driver hit something in the road? Was the tire overheating because of low inflation? Was the tire bald? Or were there defects in the tire that were hidden and could not be known about until it was too late? If there was a defect in the tire when it was manufactured, there could be a “products liability” case against the maker of the tire. There are a number of things that could go wrong in a factory that could cause a tire to later fail. A preliminary inspection of the tire by a qualified tire expert could help pinpoint the source of the tire’s failure. The family will want to secure the tire in a safe place so it can be later looked at.

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