Bountiful Personal Injury Attorney Offers Free Utah Accident Book

Even if you never plan to hire an lawyer after your Bountiful, Layton or Ogden, Utah car accident, you will want to get your hands on a copy of my new book: The Utah Accident Book. The book will cost you nothing and comes with no obligation to those who request it. In the book, we explain the process you will go through in dealing with the insurance companies out there. There is also a large chapter about the thirteen mistakes you must avoid in your case. We also included a chapter on representing yourself with the insurance company, just in case you decide to do it on your own.

For those who are on the fence about hiring a Bountiful personal injury attorney, you’ll want to check out the chapter in the Utah Accident Book dealing with what to look for in hiring a personal injury lawyer. Hint: the guy on TV may not be the best attorney for your case.

For those who have wound up with wrecked or totalled cars, I also have included a chapter in the Utah Accident Book on getting top dollar from the insurance company on this total loss and how you may be absolutely entitled to get a rental car when the other guy took yours out.

If you are frustrated with your attorney and are thinking about sacking them, or just want a “second opinion” on your case, you will also want to read the Utah Accident Book to get advice on this as well.

Young and old, this book offers something for everyone!

Ron Kramer is a Utah personal injury and accident lawyer practicing throughout the state. Call the Kramer Law Group today at 801-666-3959 for a free consultation.