Bountiful Pedestrian Accidents Double

In a report out yesterday, March 18, 2010, we learn that the number of Bountiful pedestrian accidents has doubled. According to the Standard Examiner, the number of auto-pedestrian accidents has doubled from 11 in 2008 to 22 in 2009. Most of the Bountiful pedestrian accidents involve kids on bikes running into cars, says Bountiful City Engineer Paul Rowland. The study was commissioned by the Traffic Safety Committee and the Bountiful City council.

The study did produce a positive finding: that the overall incidence of car accidents are down. In 2008 the number of Bountiful car accidents was 667. In 2009, this number dropped to 642. Overall, a reduction of 25 car accidents. Overall volume has shown to have decreased as well, a factor that most likely caused the lower accident trend.

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