Avoiding a Utah Car Accident in Tooele County and Beyond

There were 17 different Tooele County, Utah auto accidents that closed I-80 for an hour and a half on Saturday, December 9, 2009. The accidents caused the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office to issue a warning to all motorists to stay home. Certainly the snowstorm was a major factor in the road closure, but a surprising factor may also be to blame: overconfidence.

In Utah, many of us pride ourselves in our ability to drive in even the worst weather conditions. Many of us have four-wheel-drive vehicles and snow tires that add to our confidence to drive in snowy weather. Law enforcement officials often point out that none of that means anything if it only serves to create a false sense of invulnerability. In other words, snow tires and all-wheel-drive vehicles can not make up for good-old fashion, cautious driving. No matter the technology, the simplest way to increase safety on snowy Utah roads is to slow down.

“A lot of people think that because they have four-wheel drive they will be fine,” said Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Troy Marx. “My squad car is four-wheel drive and I slide all the time. Seriously, just slow down.”

According the Tooele Transcript, it takes just one motorist who fails to adjust to weather conditions to cause a multiple-car incident.

So remember that winter weather requires more than an adjustment to the type of tire you use, it always requires and adjustment to speed and attitude. Drive times will increase, this is just a fact of winter. Spending more time commuting is better than jeopardizing your safety and the safety of those with whom you share the road.

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