Auto Insurance Companies Rebating Customers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Major auto insurance companies have recently announced plans to reduce their premiums or rebate money back to the consumer. For example, American Family announced they will rebate approximately $4 million back in the form of “premium relief” to insurance holders in Utah and are planning to refund $200 million to consumers nation-wide.
Here is the breakdown for the major auto insurance companies in Utah:

Hopefully some of this good will these auto insurance companies are exercising will carry over to their claims department. So far, though, as we are actively negotiating cases through this pandemic, we haven’t seen any big shifts in favor of paying out fair value on auto accident claims. And with the serious drop of car accidents, I think these multi-billion dollar companies can spare more than 15-20% to those that are simply not driving because of shelter-in-place restrictions.

Ron Kramer is an attorney practicing personal injury law in West Jordan and throughout Utah.