Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson

Litigation Attorney

Attorney Blake Johnson

May I introduce you to our Litigation Attorney, Blake Johnson…

Blake was born and raised in Utah and attended the University of Utah Law School. While in school, Blake was a member of the Mediation and Negotiation competition team. He discovered his passion for personal injury law while employed as a clerk during law school. Shortly after passing the bar exam in October of 2014 he signed on with Kramer Law Group as a litigation and trial attorney.

Life experience has set Blake apart from most attorneys working in his field. As a former Private Investigator Blake takes a very logical and common sense approach to the cases he works up. His experience as a PI has taught him how to discover the information needed to fully explore a case. His ability to get to the truth and find the facts are critical when advocating for his clients. 

In addition to his investigative skills, Blake also became fluent in Spanish after serving an LDS mission in Argentina. Speaking Spanish has not only allowed Blake to advocate for a larger population, but also gives him an advantage when interviewing potential witnesses in the cases he works. 

Ultimately what makes Blake such an effective litigation attorney is his ability to articulate the facts and his fresh approach to handling cases. In the short time since passing the bar, Blake has racked up more than 6 times the required continuing education hours so that he can learn cutting edge trial techniques. His competitive nature and desire to win gives him the enthusiasm and motivation to fight harder for his clients, dive into the details, and ultimately get his clients a better result.