Accident in Sandy Claims Life of One, Critically Injures Another

A serious accident involving four teens took the life of 17-year-old Brandon Evans, a student at Jordan High School, on Tuesday February 28, 2012. Fox 13 News stated that Brandon was traveling with three other friends by the intersection of  10100 South and State Street in Sandy, Utah when he lost control of his Toyota Corolla and rolled into a light pole. Police claim that Brandon was messing around and was swerving his car back and forth before it rolled. He was pronounced dead at the scene while the male teen in the passenger seat was flown by helicopter to the hospital in critical condition. The other two were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Family and friends along with students and the faculty at Jordan High School mourn the terrible loss of Brandon. The school observed a 30 second moment of silence for Brandon.

I send my sincere condolences to the family of Brandon Evans. I also wish the best recovery for those that were injured

As a Utah wrongful death attorney that blogs about these accident events, it’s very hard to hear about these awful crashes involving our young people, especially when they were entirely preventable and shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Having been a teenage driver myself, I think there is a temptation to fool around when you have friends in the car. This is especially dangerous when the driver has had very little experience on the open road. This really puts the passengers in the car at risk. For this reason, newly-licensed, teenage drivers are not allowed to have passengers other than family members in their car until they have at least six months driving experience. I would also recommend that the number of passengers they do carry beyond this point also be limited so that if there is a bad accident, then at least the number of injured will be limited. Parents would additionally do well to know who their children will be driving with and to try the best they can to limit cars full of teenagers driving down the road.

In terms of remedies that the injured passengers have, they will have a claim on the policy that Brandon’s parents took out for this vehicle. For at least the boy critically injured, they would also want to make a claim on their own parent’s “under-insured” policy if the first policy covering Brandon’s vehicle didn’t have enough coverage.

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