A 7 Car Pileup on I-215 Leaves 3 Injured

According to a recent ABC 4 News report, on Tuesday, June 28th, there was a seven car pile-up on I-215, which resulted in three people being taken to the hospital. The accident happened in the northbound lanes of I-215 at 1800 North at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon and left traffic snarled throughout rush-hour.

The accident occurred when traffic had slowed from freeway speeds to a near halt and the driver of a Dodge pickup truck continued driving at freeway speeds. The truck slammed into a car and triggered the chain reaction crash. In all, there were 12 passengers involved and only three victims taken to the hospital, one in critical condition. The report also states that UHP will be looking into whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash.

With the magnitude of this accident, I’m very happy that there were only a few injuries. However, my thoughts and prayers are with those that were injured, especially the victim that was airlifted in critical condition. This accident could have been prevented if one driver had been more careful while driving. Because of one careless act there are seven damaged vehicles and 12 people involved, which include the three injured victims.

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