Do Self-Driving Cars Scare You? You’re Not Alone

Self-driving cars used to be out of the realm of reality, but autonomous vehicles are being tested regularly and may become a common feature of Utah’s roadways at a point in the not-too-distant future.

However, many residents of West Jordan and other areas around Salt Lake City worry about car accidents and whether these vehicles are safe. Indeed, according to a recent article from, AAA just reported that about 75 percent of Americans “are afraid of self-driving cars.”

What do you need to know about autonomous technology? And what should you do if you are involved in a collision with a self-driving car – or one with a human driver?

Utah Residents Are Scared to Ride in Self-Driving Vehicles

According to the article, Utah residents—as well as other Americans throughout the country—are not particularly comfortable with the idea of autonomous vehicles. Data from a AAA study showed that three out of every four people surveyed said they were “afraid” to ride in one of these cars, and 84 percent indicated that “they trusted their own driving skills more than technology.”

Is the risk of human error actually preferable to the risk of errors made by autonomous technology?

Google has been at the forefront of the creation and testing of self-driving cars. Earlier this month, one of these vehicles was involved in a collision in Mountain View, California. According to the article, this accident actually represents “the first time the company’s autonomous technology has been at least partially responsible for a crash.” According to another article from, the Google self-driving Lexus crashed into a bus at low speed, and no injuries were reported.

In short, reported incidents of collisions involving self-driving cars have shown that the autonomous technology was not responsible. However, the low rate of accidents in which autonomous technology could be liable is not easing the fears of a majority of Americans when it comes to getting comfortable with self-driving cars.

Facts and Figures about Autonomous Technology

What do you need to know about autonomous technology? According to a AAA fact sheet, autonomous vehicles are defined simply as those that are “designed to travel from point A to point B with minimal input from a driver/passenger.” Currently, many vehicles have some form of autonomous operation, such as automatic emergency braking or lane deviation correction.

In terms of safety and self-driving vehicles, the following findings on the AAA fact sheet emphasize concerns about the hazards of autonomous technology:

● Only 20 percent of drivers surveyed say that they would trust an autonomous vehicle.
● About 75 percent of American drivers are afraid to ride in a self-driving car.
● Women surveyed were more afraid of autonomous technology than were men. Of those surveyed, 81 percent of women were apprehensive about self-driving cars, while about 67 percent of men said the same.
● Baby Boomers were more concerned about self-driving cars than were younger drivers surveyed. Around 82 percent of older adults said they were afraid of riding in an autonomous vehicle, while around 69 percent of those in younger generations indicated similar concerns.

Contact an Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer in West Jordan, Utah

Car accidents often result from another driver’s negligence. While the prospect of self-driving vehicles can be scary — and the recent report out of California suggests that autonomous technology can be responsible for collisions — it is important to remember that careless human drivers often cause serious traffic collisions. According to a report from, human error accounts for about 90 percent of all car crashes.

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