Prosecuting Attorney Charges Salt Lake Man Following Fatal Accident

Prosecuting attorneys have charged a Holladay man with automobile homicide for striking Larry Madison, 64 years-old, as he was jogging early in the morning on March 7, 2013. According to KSL News, Madison was jogging on 1100 East near 3850 South in the early morning when driver Ashton Lee Godfrey, 20 years old, who was driving with controlled substances in his system, struck him. According to police, the driver had a number of controlled substances in his system as well as a firearm in his vehicle. Video surveillance shows that the driver swerved across traffic lanes before colliding with Madison, who was walking on the side of the road.

I’m glad that this man is being prosecuted. Obviously, it’s illegal to drive while impaired, either from illegal substances or even from being sleep deprived. His prosecution will hopefully send a message to those who might be thinking about driving while impaired that their actions could lead to serious consequences, including their incarceration. I should point out that Mr. Madison’s family (spouse, children and parents) have a claim against any property or insurance that this driver may have had as well as against the “under-insured” policy that their late father and husband had.

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Fiscal culpa a hombre de Salt Lake tras un accidente fatal

Los fiscales han acusado a un hombre de Holladay de homicidio automovilístico por golpear a Larry Madison, de 64 años de edad, mientras hacía jogging por la mañana temprano el 7 de marzo de 2013. Según KSL News, Madison iba corriendo por 1100 East, cerca de 3850 South, a primera hora de la mañana, cuando el conductor Ashton Lee Godfrey, de 20 años de edad y conducía bajo el efecto de sustancias controladas en el cuerpo, lo golpeó. Según la policía el conductor tenía diversas sustancias controladas en su sistema, además de un arma de fuego en el vehículo. La investigación en vídeo muestra que el conductor giró a través de varios carriles antes de colisionar contra Madison, quien iba caminando por el borde de la carretera.

Me alegro de que se esté juzgando a este hombre. Obviamente es ilegal conducir perjudicado, ya sea por sustancias ilegales o por falta de sueño. Su acusación enviará, con suerte, un mensaje a los que puedan estar pensando en conducir perjudicados de lo graves que pueden resultar sus acciones, llegando al encarcelamiento. Me gustaría destacar que la familia del Sr. Madison (esposa, hijos y padres) han denunciado la propiedad o seguro que este conductor pueda haber tenido, además de la póliza “infrasegurada” de su difunto padre y esposo.

Woman Critical After Running Into Back of Trailer

A woman who struck the rear of a travel trailer, Merele Ann Downey, 57, of Provo, Utah, was listed in critical condition following this crash occurring on April 28 2013. According to KSL News, a driver pulling a travel trailer had pulled off the road at mile marker 254 in Spanish Fork, Utah, to check the security of the trailer.

According to reports, the trailer was not fully off the road and was sticking about three feet into the travel lane when the collision happened. Although the driver was wearing her seat belt, she was reported to have suffered a possible broken pelvis and serious head trauma. She was flown to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

In Utah, motorist may only pull off the road in an emergency situation. The trailer should have been checked before the driver pulled it onto the freeway. And when a motorist has to pull over, they should do so safely and pull completely off the road so that others may pass without incident. In my opinion, the victim has a potential claim against the driver of the travel trailer.

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Texting Driver Strikes Three Girls in Crosswalk

Three young girls were injured in Midvale, one critically, when a 28-year old driver who was allegedly texting, failed to yield and drove his Mazda Protégé into the group as they were crossing the street at 700 West Wasatch Street (8000 South). According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the auto-pedestrian crosswalk crash happened about 3:40 p.m. on May 14, 2013. The three girls, aged 9, 10 and 14, were walking home from school when they were struck. The 9-year old was taken to IMC for treatment of a traumatic brain injury. The others was also taken to IMC for other, less serious injuries.

According to Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal, the crosswalk was clearly marked. Nonetheless, the driver, who Hoyal says was texting, failed to recognize the hazard in time. According to officer Hoyal: “It’s a very sad reminder that texting while driving is extremely dangerous.

Texting while driving is also illegal in Utah and drivers can expect serious consequences when they injure someone while texting and driving. The driver is obvious responsible for all the injuries stemming from this easily-preventable accident.

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